The property is part om the Sollentuna Municipality’s overall development plans for the area surrounding main street ”Turebergs Alle”.

A modern office building is located on the property with TDC and ABB as major tenants. The property will be divided into 5 lots of which the office property will stand on one of them.

The purpose of this exciting project is to create a thriving and dynamic residential area with a city centre feel. Commercial and public services will be located on the ground floors in the various apartment blocks. Greenery, public spaces and squares are integrated into the residential area and allow people to meet and interact. The zoning plan allows for a mixture of up to 13 and 22 story buildings to be erected.

This project provides a rare opportunity to develop a new, modern miniature city with a distinct profile in an attractive area close to the city centre of Stockholm. Häggvik benefits from its prime location from a transport point of view. The commuter train station is within easy walking distance allowing residents to reach Central Station within 15 minuters. The Express Highway to Arlanda Airport runs past the property. ”Bypass Stockholm” (Förbifart Stockholm) which is currently constructed under Stockholm, will exit near Häggvik. The express tunnel will become the world’s longest tunnel in the proximity of a city and greatly reduce transport time through/around Stockholm.


Residential Project:
Sollentuna Häggvik

1 000 -1 200 modern, space efficient apartments

Gross built-up area of 75 000 m2

A mixture of owner occupied and apartments to let.

An attractive residential area 15 min by train from the city centre of Stockholm

7 minutes walking distance from the commuter train station

The zoning plan allows for residential, retail, commercial and public buildings to be constructed on the property.